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Everyone will know what I will write just read the title
PARK YOOCHUNof course!'s not all about him, but kind a gratitude to him that I want to write.

Honestly, I have hobby of writing but not so much like it because I don't know where I should write sometimes or when I should write or what I should tell or who I should tell about it...a lot of question just pop into my head whenever I fell wanting to write...

You can call it hesitation

Everybody must have it even the strongest person ever fell it. But there's a condition that would make the hesitation become more and more worst.

I couldn't tell you about me but I'm one of person in the world that have feeling the biggest hesitation that I think I wanna die without thinking the consequences anymore. I don't care what will happen to me or dearest person that close to me like my family especially my parent. That time I wish I could end it so I could stop sorrow in me and surround me. Just like it.

But I forgot when and how, fortunately there's one person that make me come back to my sense.


If you don't believe this, you can think this as your imagination. But in mine, it is true. This person really bring back my life, even my parent that time couldn’t save me from that thought.

I still remembered the time I watch his drama SUNKYUNKWAN SCANDAL, eventhough I had watch it over and over because it is funny. And the weird part, even I like him in that film...I couldn't bring myself to looking his profile, god damn profile wikipedia! to get more about him.

Until one day I decided to type his name in Google search. Yeah, his name! PARKF*** YOOCHUN!! (Of course I wouldn't typeF*** part).

When the page showed all related to him, first I choose was wikipedia.

There's a lot of information about him. His complete name, his birth, his stage name, his occupation, etc. All of you that know about him especially Korea citizen will not surprise about this.

This the second funniest part of him in my life. First is when I watch his film and I don't even have feeling to searching about him at all. The second is description about his occupation.

He is singer and actor and other like composer etc. But I still keep my stupid brain to not looking further!

If there is cassiopeian read this...they will think I am really stupid and the stupidest person ever and bottom of quality to be sasaeng. Trust me!

Until I kept replaying scene in his drama and the OST kept playing in my stupid head. 'Chajatta', you will know what I meant.

It is really Chajatta!!!!

After that I start to more looking about the song. And this the third funniest part about him. After one month watch it and even looking in wikipedian and actually read it with all my heart, I just know about JYJ.

To be continue....

Note Author:
Hello ^^
This is the first time I post entry in LJ and this story is the first intro for you and I will not tell about the plot. I hope you will interest with this. Because this story based my own life and it is true.
And for Cassiopeia, I want to say hello hahaha. And I hope you don't mind I write this.

'Don't judge people only in their look'

So be patient and I will update again. ^^

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