July 26th, 2016



Well, after half year be yunjae fans....newcomer of yunjae fans.....and get wrecked because of Gashiyeon......I will make fanfic about them....

A lot of fanfic about them in internet. I have read almost all of it until there's a few left in my history of mine internet searching. So I try to suppress my hunger for read all of it by pretending not know every link that show up in my browser...

So I think it will need a time because I want it to be special. I have read most of the best bandfic of yunjae. There's Damaged, Back To Tomorrow, Destiny Crossfire, Love in the Ice. Maybe I miss a lot, but that's only I can remember.

And back to main point, I will start to announce it in my LJ about it. The project itself still a secret. I need really a lot information. Even I get hard to think about the title. Urg....

I have account in AFF too. You must know about AFF, right. I will fix my LJ and soon publish it. It take really hard work I think because I really respect them. Especially, Park Yoochun. But I love them all.

Always Keep The Faith ^^